• Comprehensive container delivery services on door-to door basis with own bills of lading
  •  Weekly calls of modern container carriers
  • Fleet - Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) Geneva
  • Availability of container equipment (20`dc, 40`dc, 40`hc as well as refrigerated containers and special equipment)
  • Deliveries of containers to ports and consignees by railways and trucks
  • Un-stuffing  of containers in the own container terminals

Geography of Services

Deliveries are carried out through ports of Odessa and Poti towards wide range of destinations:

  • Ukraine – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
  • Belarus, Russia – Ukraine – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
  • Baltic States – Ukraine – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
  • Eastern European States – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania – Ukraine – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
  • Deliveries are possible farther on to the Middle Asian States and backwards



Our Advantages

  • Short transit time Poti – Odessa is 1 day, Odessa – Poti is 4 days
  • Direct agreements between the agents of Lazika Lines and container terminals
  • Service on schedule
  • Savings in logistics costs for cargo owners due to lower costs of transportation as well as optimization of inventory levels, and consequently, storage and additional costs
  • Flexibility in determining the means of transportation for the deliveries of goods to the final consignees, and, consequently, better opportunities for entering the new markets
  • Working alternative in case of deficit of rolling stock
  • Deliveries of wide range of cargo

Geography of Services